Coastal country styled duplex located in the new EPIC Estate in Lennox, NSW.  Duplex designs are fast becoming an affordable and popular choice for new homeowners, developers and investors.  The appeal doubling your investment or of build one to live in while the other becomes an instant investment to rent or sell.

We are finding more and more new building designs are exploring flexible design options to cater for the ever changing new home market.  The way we live is changing: we are at home more, for work and play, so retreats are needed now more than ever, whether it be an oasis for parents or care options.

Clever design that takes in all the families needs whilst making sure the natural elements are considered for energy efficiency is essential for long term living comfort.  This is especially true for new estates.  Many opt for the ease of off the plan design with project builders.  While this can make the build slightly more affordable these one size fits all plans usually fail to take advantage of the best layout of the land for light, breeze and general liveability. Custom designing your home to suit your block ensures the very best design solution for your block.  Experienced Building Designers will give you the best options for your land, designing exactly to your needs and protecting your long term investment.